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Anadrol Tablets 50mg (British Dragon Anadrol) 50mg*100tabs

Anadrol Tablets 50mg (British Dragon Anadrol) 50mg*100tabs
Trade name: Anadrol 50
Brand: British Dragon
Specification: 50mg*tab,100tabs/bag
Package: it comes in a foil bag,has BD (means british dragon) letters on the tablet.
  • Product Orgin:China
  • Item NO.:47
  • Shipping Port:China HK
  • Payment:MoneyGram, Western Union, Bitcoin,T/T.
  • Price:$70/pack
  • Market Price:$90
  • Price Range:5-9/65$
  • Color:Green
  • Lead Time:4-10day
Anadrol (oxymetholone) is a synthetic steroidal drug available as a tablet. it is a potent oral anabolic and androgenic drug.

Anadrol is an anabolic steroid. It improves nitrogen balance when the diet is sufficient in calories. The actions of anadrol are similar to testosterone and can cause serious impairment in sexual and physical growth when given to children. Children who have taken this drug develop grotesque physical features and usually have disordered sexual function. 
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