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EPO Injections (China Erythropoietin Source) 3000iu*5vials/kit

EPO Injections (China Erythropoietin Source) 3000iu*5vials/kit

Product name

Where to Buy EPO 3000iu with Reviews and Cheap Price

EPO Injections dosage

Around 50 To 100 Units/kg Per Kilogram Of Body Weight

EPO Brand


EPO 3000iu price

Differs according to quantity you need

EPO Injections half life

4-13 Hours

EPO results

anemia treatment,weight loss,bodybuilding

EPO powder 3000iu

3000iu/vial, 5vials/box,15000iu/box

Buy EPO injection

email us for EPO 3000iu bulk prices

EPO Side effects

Joint Swelling, Joint Pain, Water Retention,Weight Gain; Diarrhea

  • Product Orgin:China
  • Item NO.:56
  • Shipping Port:China HK
  • Payment:MoneyGram, Western Union, Bitcoin,T/T.
  • Price:$40/kit
  • Market Price:$60
  • Price Range:10-20/35$
  • Color:Red
  • Lead Time:4-10day

What is erythropoietin?

Erythropoietin (also known as EPO) is a growth factor that stimulates the production of red blood cells. Most of the cells in the blood are red blood cells, whose main function is to carry oxygen throughout the body.

Erythropoietin is used to treat anemia resulting from kidney failure or cancer treatment. It is considered to be an alternative to blood transfusions.

There are several different types of erythropoietins. Procrit® and Epogen® are two brands of epoetin alfa. Aranesp® (darbepoetin alfa) is another type of erythropoietin. The major difference between Procrit/Epogen and Aranesp is that Aranesp is given less often than Procrit. Otherwise, all three agents work equally well in the treatment of anemia.

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