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  • Gensci Jintropin HGH (Jintropin Somatropin ) 100iu/kit Gensci Jintropin 100%
    Jintropin® is the only hGH brand in China that are purely 191 amino acid. Because of this patented secretion technology. Most other Chinese hGH brands, although claims there are also 191 amino acid hGH, are either 192 amino acid hGH or still contain small amount of 192 amino acid by testing.
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  • Original Getropin  HGH (Kigtropin Growth Hormone) 100iu/kit Original 100% Getropin
    Getropin is another HGH brand which is produced in China. Due to issues related to the legality of Somatropin, this particular brand chooses not to make themselves public.
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