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Methandienone Tablets 10mg (Jenapharm Dbol) 10mg*100tabs

Methandienone Tablets 10mg (Jenapharm Dbol) 10mg*100tabs
Brand: Germany jenapharm methanabol tablets
Specification: 10mg/pill, 100pills/bag
  • Product Orgin:Gremany
  • Item NO.:42
  • Shipping Port:China HK
  • Payment:MoneyGram, Western Union, Bitcoin,T/T.
  • Price:$35/pack
  • Market Price:$60
  • Price Range:5-10/30$
  • Color:RED
  • Lead Time:4-10day
Why Dianabol Steroids are Popular:
If you’ve ever used Dianabol steroids you should already have a grasp on the answer to this question but if you’re new to the steroid the answer is simple; Dbol, as it’s commonly called has the ability to not only increase size and strength dramatically but if sound practice and principles are used much of what’s gained can be easily kept. It’s not uncommon to experience as much as a 20lb gain from a mere 6 week run of the steroid and although if one puts on that much weight some of it will be water, much of it will be lean tissue; we’re talking about pure 100% muscle. Now before you get too excited there’s something you need to understand; you cannot simply take Dianabol steroids, stop and hope things go well; the new tissue isn’t going to stay just because it’s there. You must continue training and practice sound nutritional exercises in order for this goal to be obtained.
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