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Proviron Tablets (CentrinoLab Mesterolone Pills) 25mg*60tabs/bag

Proviron Tablets (CentrinoLab Mesterolone Pills) 25mg*60tabs/bag

Proviron brand

Original CentrinoLab

Proviron other name

Proviron,Mesterolone,Proviron Tablets,Androviron; Mesteranum

Proviron drug class

Oral steroids

Proviron pills dosage

50-150mg per day

Proviron tablets price

Differs according to quantity you need

Proviron cycle

Inquiry for more detail Proviron cycle

Proviron half life

12 hours

Proviron results

Bulking Cycle, Anti Estrogen, Bodybuilding Cycle, PCT Cycle

Proviron tablets 25mg


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Proviron Side effects

Headaches,Hot Flashes,Upset Stomach

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Mesterolone proviron profile:

Proviron represents one of the oldest anabolic androgenic steroids on the market. A product of the giant pharmaceutical company Schering, it would first appear in 1934. Officially known as Mesterolone, it has appeared under numerous brand names over the years, but the Proviron name has continually remained dominant. It has also remained one of the most misunderstood anabolic steroids among steroid users.

In many ways, Proviron is a very unique anabolic steroid. It shares some strong similarities to Masteron (Drostanolone) and to a degreeAnavar (Oxandrolone) and Winstrol (Stanozolol) but in totality it is its own unique animal. In a performance capacity, Proviron is not used to promote large buildups in mass, although it can serve an important purpose during such a phase of training. We will, however, find Proviron to be far more common in cutting cycles, but once again its purpose will be somewhat unique.

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